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Saturday 6th October
Today has been crazy. This morning we went on a 45 minute walk up and through tunnels that were pitch black, The tunnels were originally used to mine gold and silver from the mountain sides, and sent down on rail tracks. Walking around in the pitch black was hilarious, although also scary seeing as my coordination isn’t that great to start off with. I’ve taken lots of photos of the floor, just to light the way up for myself and everyone else on the tour. If only I’d brought a torch (even though the tour guide also made a remark earlier about how horrifically heavy my bag was). The views once we came out into daylight again were absolutely stunning...the greenery on the mountain sides all the way down to the river tumbling over the large rocks.
After stopping off for food in a small town (everywhere seems to have McDs and Subway), we came to the hostel. Cute little place in Waitomo. It has one hostel, one bar, an adventure place and a haunted hotel…arghhhh! This afternoon, I went “Black Water Rafting”. It involved donning a wetsuit, wet boots, jacket and helmet with a light on it – super attractive! Thankfully no photos will ever make their way onto the internet! We jumped into our little tubes of rubber, feet and hands poking out, and floated through caves and tunnels, being careful not to hit the stalactites with our heads. There were a couple of waterfalls that we had to jump backwards off of in our tyres, and the caves were dark as anything. At one point, they made us all turn our headlights off and find our way through the cave tunnels using just the glow worms for reference, Interesting fact of the day: glow worms are actually glow maggots, and the glow comes from their poo being burnt off by oxygen as they don’t have bottoms, apparently making them the most efficient light source…who knew?! After six to nine months, they evolve into mini flies. Major flaw – these mini flies don’t have a mouth and so can’t eat or drink. Instead, over the next few days, they reproduce as much as possible, and then die! End of the sad life of a glow maggot. This lovely trip was finished off with a bagel and tomato soup to warm us back up. In store for this evening is a trip to the one bar in town, with some karaoke and a jukebox…oh dear! Think I will be listening rather than getting up in front of everyone, as I’m sure those reading will approve of!

Sunday 7th
So nice early start today....9am. We went on a possum hike - apparently they kill all the trees around here so it's a good thing to see them dead "a good possums a dead possum"?! Lovely views and got to take photos of the tubing tour we completed yesterday. We then head to Roturua on the coach. The hostel (Base hostel) is lively with a good bar. There are eight of us in the room today. Pretty much know all 30 odd people on the coach now so staying with eight people was great. Carried on talking until late into the morning after beer pong in the bar. It's a game that involves 10 lastic cups filled with a little beer at each end of a table, and two ping pongs balls. Effectively you have to throw the ping pong ball into the other person's cups without it bouncing. If it goes in the cup, you drink the beer. Sounds simple...but there's actually loads of rules.
In the afternoon, three of us went wet zorbing. Rolled down a massive hill in a giant plastic ball, quarter filled with water. Between the three of us, we laughed screamed and bashed into each other all the way down. As the ball was steamed up, we couldn't see where we were going, which was hilarious. Getting out of it feet first was the most unfeminine thing ever. Apparently it looked like a cow giving birth?! Nice! The hostel also had a hot pool, which was great. It was like getting into a massive warm bath. I shall upload some more pictures shortly but not sure how much wifi is left.
I'm booked to go sky diving tomorrow... sorry mum :/ Has to be done though.

Monday 8th
It's just gone half 2 in the afternoon and we keep finding McDonalds free wifi. We went to see the Haku Falls earlier. A ridiculously fast paced river with waterfalls to overlook. Breathtaking. As the weather is somewhat rank today, the sky dive has been cancelled. Hopefully we can still do it tomorrow. I'm not coming back until I've done a sky dive! So this afternoon is chilling out at the hostel, wandering around the town and walking around Lake Taupo, and tomorrow is back to more adventures. This evening bar activities have been named "inappropriate bingo" and tomorrow is either pub quiz in the Irish Bar, or kareoke.

Missing everyone from back home. Everything is so busy here, it's hard to keep track of what day it is. Lie in tomorrow though - yay!! I've heard everyone is well, and the weather is keeping you entertained with the rain.

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