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Another crazy day

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So, continuing from yesterday afternoon. Chilled out in the afternoon, and went out to play bingo in the afternoon aka Inappropriate bingo which included calling out stupid phrases for different numbers to win drinks. A very late night, that ended in going to McDonalds for breakfast then heading off to bed.

It was lovely catching up with you all, and seeing your lovely faces :) Glad all is well.

Then someone came and said "I thought you were going sky diving today" to which I replied "Yes, they are calling the company at half 12 to check it's still on". THeir reply..."Did you not hear the tannoy? They've gone early because of the weateher. THe coach just left!". I'm still thinking their joking seeing as it's a running joke of how gullible I am. Unfortunately they weren't joking. I have never got ready so fast before....clothes, brushed teeth and I was down at reception with them on the phone to the company. Turns out they figured not everyone would have heard, and were coming back to pick me up in 20 mins...phew! So then the limo arrives....very swish!

I get to the sky diving centre, and there's nine of us going to jump today. I opt for 12000ft....about 40 seconds of freefalling then 5 minutes of floating down like a quaver. They put our flight off a couple of times for passing clouds, and 3 hours after arriving, we head up. This is on four hours sleep and feeling slightly worse for wear shall we say! The 20 minute flight up was great as the instructor Amos who I was diving with told me about the things I could see, what height we were at, what was going to happen and what to do. Suddenly at about 11,900ft, I felt horrifically sick (self inflicted) and was glad to be sitting on the edge of the plane. Ahhhhh, fresh air! And my gosh did I get fresh air. I was the last one to leave the "plane" (a tube more like), and was suddenly freefalling through clear cold New Zealand air. After about 5 seconds of screaming, I was enjoying a massive thrill. The instructor put my arms into a V above my head, then tilted my arms left, then right, making me dive through the air even faster and at an angle. Absolutely amazing. Once the parachute opened (to my relief), we were floating above Lake Taupo. Gorgeous views of the lake, and also a volcano. Amos had to loosen my harness a little and I was warned "you will drop a little. Just relax".....and there's me thinking "How the ... do I relax at 6000ft when you're about to loosen my harness?! All was safe though. He gave ,e the controls to the parachute and I dived left to right, round in circles, and had a great time. When I landed, it kind of felt like it hadn't even happened. All our legs were shaking, and the adrenalin rush was crazy. We then got to watch the videos of those who bought dvds. Hilarious to watch, and I'm so glad I didn't get one. I'd look like a right idiot! The nine of us who went skydiving then went for dinner together.

Tonight is pub quiz followed by kareoke. Fingers crossed for an early night after yesterday....I'm not expecting any miracle though.

Now to upload some photos for you! (none of sky diving though...forgot my camera in my haste) :(

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